My Tuesday


My day started at the merciless hour of 6:30-ish when my loving husband gently encouraged me to work on waking up while he got ready for the day. Oh how I love sleep! But I managed to drag my reluctant body out of bed and we enjoyed an undisturbed, thought-provoking conversation over Ephesians before he took off for a breakfast meeting and the girls woke up.

Like any other American housewife, I decided to start the day out by stripping the couch cushions off to wash them, cleaning the litter box, and bathing our flea-ridden cat, who glared sorrowfully (or was it hatefully?) at me the whole time. Meanwhile my 7-month-old crawled around, trying repeatedly to pull herself up by the elastic waist of my shorts (consequently pulling them down) and my 2-year-old meandered about doing the typical sort of stuff – you know, like stacking vitamin bottles three-high on the edge of the kitchen counter and whatnot.

With the cat done it was my turn next, which really is an amazing feat considering I often don’t get around to showering till much later in the day. Then my 2-year-old got her bubble bath. Husband walked in to find couch pieces strewn about the living room and our baby soaking wet  from scooting all over the well-watered bathroom floor. Thankfully, he took over bath-time so I could wipe down the bathroom and tend to the baby.

Fast forward till about 10 am and I was trying to explain how exactly I’d forgotten to give our 2-year-old breakfast, while  scurrying around desperately trying to make the house –and myself– look presentable before a 10:30 student.

It seemed as though things were slowing down as I wrapped up the lesson, kissed Husband goodbye, enjoyed a delicious lunch he’d made for me (have I mentioned how wonderful he is?), and put my 2-year-old to bed. Things were great! I let the dog out, fed the baby, and relaxed for a while.

However, the dog apparently got bored with our yard and helped himself into the neighbor’s; so I was compelled to jog around the alley to retrieve him. And when I peeked in on my 2-year-old, I found that she had decided to sleep in the nude.

*Sigh*  What can you do? 🙂


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    • Bill — I’ve been overwhelmed recently with that reality! Although I am still in the early stages of my girls’ childhood, I can just see myself sending them off to college before I knew what hit me! Life is but a vapor.

  1. Never a dull moment, right? As I write this, I see that our 7 month old has decided to roll around the living room floor in the nude! Better go fix that right now.

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