The Piano Teacher’s Curse


You’ve heard of having a song stuck in your head, but this takes things to a cruel new level.

I currently have three students all working on the same piece. It’s not the fact of hearing the piece over and over again that plagues me — I’m used to that. The problem lies in measures 15 and 23, where Evil C-sharp and Sinister B-flat lie in wait for my poor, unsuspecting students.  If the C-sharp doesn’t get them, the B-flat most certainly will.

We discuss the section. We analyze the section. We practice the section. But I still hold my breath and just hope with everything in me that they conquer it so I can pass them.

It’s tedious enough having a song stuck in your head, but to have the mistakes stuck in there as well…
So I’m left at the end of the day, cautiously replaying the song over in my head, nervously waiting (anxiety rising…) as the measures approach, wondering, “Will I get it right?”


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  1. Funny enough, I remember when I went to piano lessons and I would hit the wrong keys whenever I learned a song that had flat and sharp keys.
    I felt bad for my instructor ’cause I’d have to repeat myself a couple of times, but practice makes perfect! 😛

    • True, practice is the key, and how delightful it is when a student’s hard work pays off and they conquer those pesky accidentals!

  2. I just discovered you blog.:) This entry makes me laugh. As a parent of two piano students (one yours), I can relate. I usually hear the song with the mistake and then correction. When I recommend that said student should maybe practice that line a few times so the mistake is corrected, the typical response is, I play it perfectly.:) You are so patient!

  3. Heather, you probably get the “song-stuck-in-the-head-with-mistake” treatment five times as much as me since you hear the same songs all week long! And I know that your pianist is a very diligent practicer. 🙂

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