Birthday Blessings


I enjoyed a wonderful birthday today, courtesy of an outstanding husband, two beautiful little girls, loving family, and thoughtful friends.

My husband takes the cake (literally). He baked a cake for the very first time today, just for me. Apparently this must have caused a bit of anxiety;  he suffered a fitful night of  sleep given over to nightmares of cake disasters and careless friends ruining the surprise…after which he woke up at 3 AM (!!!) to mix, bake, cool, AND frost a cake. Thankfully dreams are not prophetic! I was shocked to amazement at the sight of a brightly lit birthday cake being proudly marched into the room. It was delicious!

Thanks to special treatment and gifts from my family, a great time at church, and a Facebook wall full of kind birthday wishes, I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday 🙂

I think birthdays are as good a time as any for a moment of reflection and resolution. With each year that passes by, I’m struck with the reality that my life on this earth is but a vapor, and to live for myself will only result in an empty shell of selfish memories in the end. So if I were to make a resolution today, it would be to increase in Christlikeless by investing more in others.

With that being said, I’m off to spend some quality time with my husband!


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