My Kind of Recycling


I love saving money.  I also love finding new ways to organize.  So I really love it when I can combine the two!

My husband buys big plastic tubs of pretzels for his office — you know, the big round ones with the screw-on lid.  Well, he brought a couple empty containers home one day and it was love at first sight.  A little rubbing alcohol and baby oil to fully remove the sticker, and voila!  A match set.

These snack barrels are great for holding all sorts of toys, and difficult (nigh unto impossible) for small hands to open, so I have some control over when certain toys can invade our home.  It’s a total win-win situation!

We now have about seven or so in the girls’ room, and I don’t show any signs of stopping.  Next stop: craft supplies.  Then maybe Christmas decorations? Baby shoes?  Games?  Pantry items?   Oh dear, I think I see a fetish coming on.  Does this make me greedy and materialistic?  I mean, they are free…for me, at least.


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