Word on the Street…”hilarious” :)


My husband knows I like games, and that I like spending time with him; so for my birthday he got me both — games that we can play for some fun, quality time together.

This was a game I’d never heard of, and it was so much fun!

You flip over a card with a category and then have about 30 seconds to give an answer (example: “Part of a Tree”….answer, “branch”).  Then you move the letters of that word towards your side of the board.  As turns alternate, players are essentially playing tug-of-war with the letter tiles.

Sounds easy enough, right?  The catch is that, meanwhile, the opposing player says anything he can think of to try to distract you from your goal.  Needless to say, we just enjoyed an obnoxiously distractable evening together with lots of laughs.  I’m easily distracted, and my husband can be very obnoxious; I’ll let you guess who won.  🙂

I can’t wait to share this with friends and family!


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  1. Sounds like a fun game! John just bought Rivals of Catan for our anniversary. It’s a 2 person spin off of Settlers. We’re still figuring it out, but I like it so far.

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