Toddler Speak


Mothering a two-year-old certainly makes for some funny conversations.  My daughter never fails to keep me smuggling a smile.  For example:

Exhibit A
She got a new doll and named her Kallie.  Now she’s Kallie’s mommy, so…
“I don’t need to use a stu-wol (stool), cuz I’m Kallie’s mommy.”
“I don’t need a bib, cuz I’m Kallie’s mommy”
“I can eat with a (big) person spoon, cuz I’m Kallie’s mommy.”

Exhibit B
Me:  “We’re going to VBS at church!  We get to go to Vacation Bible School!”
When I picked her up on the first day, “Mommy we didn’t watch a movie.”
“Oh, ok…”
Daddy asks later, “Did you have fun at Vacation Bible School?  How was VBS?”
“We played games…I drinked lennowade…I didn’t watch a movie.”
(seriously child, what’s with the movie??)
Next day, “Mommy, I want to watch a movie.  Can I watch PBS?”
…Aha!  Light bulb goes on!

Exhibit C
“Mommy! I want red juice!”
“Not if you’re going to ask like that…”
“May.  I.  Please.  Have.  Red.  Juice.  In.  My.  Pur.  Ple.  Cup??”

Exhibit D
She wanted a cookie.  I said no.  So she asked me again, but with a song:
“Now I know my ABCs, next time won’t you please give me a cookie?”

She really is a funny and clever child.  She can turn anything into a song, as long as it uses the “ABC/Twinkle Twinkle” melody.
And at times it seems as though she has her own language.

Pop Quiz!
Can you translate the following?  Scroll down for the answers.

1.  “Ashweek this dress doesn’t have sprinkles.”

2.  “Jet has my neswick!”

3.  “Can I have your wrist?”

4.  “Oh no!  The TV is raining!”

5.  “There’s a eye in the basement.”






1.  “Actually, this dress doesn’t twirl.”
2.  “Juliet has my necklace.”
3.  “Can I wear your bracelet?”
4.  “There’s static on the TV.”
5.  No really…do you know?  Because I have no clue!


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  1. Isn’t it hysterical when they turn requests into songs? Today Aria decided to put two songs into one. She sang, “Hickory dickory dock, how I wonder what you are…”

  2. Question: Do you sometimes refer to movies as watching PBS, or is that something she learned from tv itself? just curious. I love reading your posts, Leann!

  3. I got 3 out of 5 on the questions (except I thought the wrist was a watch becuase that’s what Ryan asks for!!) 🙂 The eye in the basement??? Did you ever figure that out? Ryan asked to watch “Bedsores or Breadsticks” for 2 days before I figured out he was asking for “Bedknobs and Broomsticks!” (Now, why he likes that movie so much is beyond me!!!!) Wonderful post–I found myself nodding to the conversations and thinking of similar ones we have with Ryan! 🙂

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