Winning the World, One Baby-Smile at a Time


Who’s more stoic than a teenage boy?  And who better to melt the heart of a teenage boy than a cheerful baby?

My 8-month-old, whom I consider to be among the friendliest of babies, met her match today in church.  After a round of “Pass the Baby” with all the adoring ladies, she landed in the lap of a young woman whose teenage brother simply refused to succumb to her babyish charm.

Seizing the challenge before her, my daughter locked her eyes on him and grinned with everything in her.  He stared straight ahead and held his ground.

She leaned forward and peered over into his face, still grinning from ear to ear.  His eyes darted in a quick sideways glance…the corners of his mouth twitched…but still he stood firm.

Finally, she reached her little fingers over to his hymnal and started playing with the pages.  It was too much; his face finally broke into a big smile — she had won.


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