Those Ambling Amblers…


Having small children seems to make one thing certain: just the thought of any affection between me and my husband will result in one or both children waking up crying…or falling down and getting a boo-boo…or having a potty accident…or desperately needing us for something or other.  So as you can imagine, dates are imperative.

Tonight’s date was simple, cheap, and wonderful.  We started in Barnes & Noble where we grabbed a couple of cafe drinks and browsed through some of the games and books.  Then we ambled through Target, where we needed to pick up a thing or two.  Afterwards we meandered over to one more store before hitting up Meijer with some “real” shopping (not the highlight of the evening, but necessary).  It was so fun just to walk around hand in hand and talk about anything and everything under the sun, er…fluorescent lighting.

Some of my favorite things about shopping dates:

  • Freedom to talk without interruption or distraction.
  • All that window shopping provides for plenty of conversation, and we learn a lot about each other.
  • No car seat straps to buckle and unbuckle — we can just step out of the car and go!
  • Trips to the bathroom aren’t monumental.
  • It doesn’t have to cost a thing!

Of course we love our daughters dearly, but there’s something to be said for time alone.
What’s your favorite inexpensive date idea?


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