Feel the Burn!


Some people like to work out for 30 minutes in the morning; others for an hour.  Ha!  I work out ALL DAY.

I start by lifting my baby out of the crib for her feeding, during which time my body turns into a punching bag for her restless arms and legs.  Afterward I like to rest a bit before lunging to catch her from plummeting off the side of the bed.

We make our way to breakfast where I do something quite similar to a complicated step-aerobic pattern around my little kitchen as I prepare breakfast.  Eventually I sit down…then stand up to get something…and repeat about 10 times.

I go downstairs to do laundry, and while I’m there take care of my squats as I clean the litter box.  Then I lift the laundry and hike it back upstairs to dump out on the bed.  Don’t worry though, I’ll do more lifting later as I repeatedly move it to different locations to get it out of my way (You’re not actually supposed to fold the stuff, are you?).

Around this time I break for a shower before continuing my workout regime.

I work my biceps, triceps, and back muscles with vacuuming, mopping, and scrubbing, and then work up a cardiovascular sweat as I dash around the house scrambling to tidy up for piano students.

I get my heart pumping again by running after two busy girls, pretending to make them clean up but really doing most of the work myself.  More step aerobics at lunchtime with a few sit-down, stand-up  reps.  Then we forge our way through the battleground that is naptime:  I lie down to relax, they wake up crying, I sit up to go put them back down.  I lie down to relax, they wake up crying, I sit up to go put them back down.  I lie down to re–you get the picture.

(Some afternoons I get to throw in a little sprint after my runaway dog!)

Dinnertime finds me repeating the step aerobics yet again, but with double the speed and intensity.  I alternate highly complex choreographed moves with mad dashes through the house in hot pursuit of a renegade preschooler and her 8-month-old cohort.  Then we repeat the sit-down, stand-up routine…again.

The rest of the day progresses so on and so forth until I collapse at the computer, staying up much too late and getting far too little sleep.
Somehow I don’t seem to be losing any weight…


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