What Kind of Mama Are You?


I’m a born follower; I love finding systems and then following them.  However, I’m not terribly consistent.  For example:

When my firstborn was a baby, I was a “Stay-at-Home, Breastfeeding, BabyWise, Crib-Only, Hospital-Birth, Elimination-Communication, Baby-Signing, Home-Cooking, Non-Organic, Dave-Ramsey” kind of mama who was grateful for her epidural, used BumGenius diapers frequently, and fluttered devotedly with FlyLady.

With my second daughter, things have shifted a bit.  Now I’m a “Stay-at-Home, Breastfeeding, Crib-Mostly, Birth-Center, Disposable-Diapering, Baby-Signing, Home-Cooking, Non-Organic, Tedd-Tripp, Dave-Ramsey” kind of mama who longs for the BabyWise schedule of old, sometimes nurses in bed for the sake of convenience, loved her natural birth, can’t keep up with her 8-month-old enough to even think about going sans-diapers, and has switched to the (imo) more realistic and doable HouseHoncho.  I’m also beginning to dabble in the HomeEconomiser.

I know women who are “Attachment-Parenting, Home-Birth, Disposable-Diapering, Organic” mamas, others who are “Stay-at-Home, Hospital-Birth, Formula-Feeding, Home-Cooking” mamas, and still others who are “Go-to-Work, Breastfeeding, BabyWise, Dave-Ramsey” kind of mamas.  The combinations are limitless!

Some areas I won’t change. Take the “Stay-at-Home, Breastfeeding, Birth-Center, Baby-Signing, Home-Cooking, Dave-Ramsey” bit, for example.  I’m absolutely sold on these.

Other systems, like BabyWise and Elimination Communication, I will recommend hands-down to anyone who asks…I just haven’t followed them too well as of late.

And others, I just don’t care to bother with.
(Honestly, I don’t ever see myself going organic.)


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  1. I’m an stay-at-home-but-work-from-home, epidural loving, disposable diapering, organic when I can afford it, baby-wise is great but it would be better if the baby could read the book, breastfeeding but weaned at their first birthday, crib only, pacifier using (to be clear, I don’t use it. The babies do) kind of mom.

    It’s so funny to me how many more labels were attached to me just by becoming a mom.

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