The Menu Says it All


Who says you need linen tablecloths and fine china for a gourmet dining experience?  It’s all about the menu:

Beurre d’Arachide et Confiture
A special blend of fruit preserves and creamy butter of peanuts sandwiched between two feathery-soft slices of whole-grain bread.  Served with your choice of wedged apples or freshly cut carrots.

Pâtes au Fromage
Macaroni pasta cooked to perfection and smothered in a smooth, velvety cheese sauce.  Savory sliced sausage added upon request.

Nuggets de Poulet
Juicy nuggets of prepared chicken, breaded and baked for an exquisitely crispy and delectable experience.  Served with your choice of our zesty tomato sauce or pure, nectarous honey.

Fromage Grillé
Two thick slabs of whole-wheat bread filled with luscious cheese refined from the land of America, and grilled to perfection.  Artistically triangulated and adorned with delicate broccoli florets.

Bâtonnets de Poisson
Succulent fish fillets shrouded in a golden breading and baked for a delightful crunch that will tickle your taste buds.  Served with your choice of mayonnaise-relish sauce or a zesty tomato purée.


(I think Fancy Nancy may be on to something–things really do sound better in French!)


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