Macaroni & Cheese = Sin?


Every night before putting the girls to bed, we have Family Bible Time; it consists of a Bible story, questions (like a catechism), songs, and prayer.  During tonight’s question time with our two-year-old, we came to the topic of sin:

“Do you sin?”
“Yeah, I’m a sinner.”

“Does Daddy sin?”
“Yeah, you’re a sinner.”

“Does Mommy sin?”
“Yeah, she’s a sinner.”

“Does Grandpa sin?”


“Let’s try that again.  Does Grandpa sin?”
“Yeah, he’s a sinner.”

And then, rather frankly, “Grandpa doesn’t eat macaroni and cheese.”


So now I’m left to wonder:  Does eating macaroni and cheese make the rest of us sinners?  Or is Grandpa a sinner because he doesn’t eat macaroni and cheese?


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