Problem-Solving with a Preschooler


We recently got Memory for our budding preschooler, so matching is a topic of interest in our home.  Today, after studying two bananas in the fruit bowl, my daughter stated,

“This banana has a sticker, and this banana doesn’t have a sticker.”

“That’s right.  Do they match?”


“No they don’t.  One has a sticker and one doesn’t, so they don’t match.”

We deliberated about this for some time before finally reaching the consensus that I was right (go figure).
She stopped and thought hard for a moment before offering a hopeful solution to the upsetting problem at hand:

“We could go shopping and buy another banana, so they match.”

“Or,” and I reached for the stickered banana, “we could take this sticker off!”

Her eyes brightened and her face filled with wonder as if I had just performed a brilliant magic trick.  Laughing delightedly at my clever solution, she proceeded to put the sticker on, then take it off…put it on, then take it off…

I love being a mom.


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