Children’s Book Review #3


Have you ever had an infant with mixed up days and nights?  Then this book will surely resonate with you:  You’ll be able to sympathize with the poor zoo animals who have been robbed of a good night’s sleep.  You’ll understand the resentment they feel at watching the beebee bird sleep all day long.  You’ll cheer them on as their payback plan keeps the insane creature up all day (and think, hey, that’s a good idea…), and you’ll rejoice with them at the success of their plan when they ALL get a good night’s sleep.

Ok, so I basically told you the entire plot; but come on — it’s a children’s book.

Please just remember one thing,  When you read this book to your kid(s), you have to promise to use clever and unique voices for all the animals, and squawk “beebeebobbibobbi” each time it appears (in addition to making all the other animal sounds).

Coming up tomorrow, the unveiling of Mrs. Peters’ Birthday Cake!


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