Mrs. Peters’ Birthday Cake!


SSE cakeWell, I’m sitting here enjoying my first ever piece of Mrs. Peters’ Birthday Cake!  It was indeed “thick to beat and quick to make, fine to eat and fun to make.” Though I must say, it looks nothing like the mushroom-cloud cake in the book.

How is it, you ask?  Pretty good!  It’s dense, moist, and pleasantly sweet; I would totally make it again.

However, I feel that I should note the following:

  • I did not plant an orchard, hand-pick the apples, or even make my own applesauce.  Rather, I harvested a jar of applesauce from the grocery store shelf.
  • The milk was not simmered in a saucepan on the stove.  It was microwaved.
  • My pets did not magically clean the kitchen by the time the cake finished baking.  My kitchen is still messy.
  • I didn’t actually dance around the kitchen upon seeing the finished product. Perhaps I should…?
(You can find the recipe here.)

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