The Irony of Motherhood


Motherhood is full of ironic situations.  For example:

With my baby…
…gently singing, “You’re a little piece of heaven, you’re a golden ray of light…” into her ear while she screams bloody murder into mine.

With my preschooler…
…holding my tongue as my daughter hops down from the bed after bouncing around like a jumping bean, then whips around and sternly warns me, “Mommy, don’t jump on the bed, or you will fall and get hurt!”

 Or, just with myself…
…reading a fantastic article about how to be a better mother while I tune out my babies persistently vying for my attention.


Ok, so the last one’s not exactly funny…at all.  I’m far from perfect, I’ll readily admit.  But if my short time as a mother has taught me anything, it’s that I’m an imperfect person in desperate need of God’s sanctifying grace.

Whether my girls are being funny or cute, cranky or naughty, they need me to show them Christlikeness.  As their mother, I am their world; it’s an exciting, new place for them and they are learning to interpret it under my authority, my actions, my words.  What a humbling and weighty responsibility!

I thank God for his grace shown in my life thus far, and that he promises to keep working on me.  And I hope and pray earnestly for the same in my daughters’ lives as well.  Children are such a precious gift!


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  1. I hate leaving comments because I usually don’t know what to say… but since I subscribed to you and enjoy reading your posts, figured you deserved at least one from me. 🙂

    It is encouraging to me to read your posts. I am 23, single, and currently living in the corporate world – but have dreams and prayers of being a stay-at-home mom and piano teacher. I have 17 students now (it’s all my full-time job will allow… or perhaps a few MORE than my schedule actually allows!) and am grateful to consider it part of the step-by-step prep the Lord is making in my life! I am also a runner – and while I will attempt my first marathon in just 5 short weeks, I have not-so-distant memories of my first 5K too… so be careful – it’s addictive 😀

    In short – we have a lot in common 🙂 Thanks for sharing your insight on motherhood – as a Christian, a piano teacher, and a runner (or “traveller” if you insist… but I say running is running!). I think any woman who raises her children humbly in the will of God understands the true responsibility of motherhood!

    • Jessica,
      Thank you for your comment! It’s so nice to hear that someone “out there” is reading my blog. 🙂
      You sound like a busy lady!! I hope all goes well as you continue training for that marathon — how exciting! No doubt my husband will get me to run one in a couple years or so. You’re right though, it is addictive. Even now, I hope the rain continues through the night so I can do another “rain-run” in the morning. Crazy, I know…

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