The Child’s Cure-all


A long and full day found me at the eight o’clock hour with a throbbing head and desperately hungry baby.  So while I sat down to rest and feed the little munchkin, my two-year-old came into the room and removed her shoes to reveal a small boo boo on her foot.  I naturally suggested we put a band-aid on it later.  After all, band-aids can fix anything.

Then she must have noticed that I was experiencing some discomfort.  Upon learning that my head was hurting with something called a “headache,” she grew quite concerned.  Now, my daughter happens to be a very empathetic person; I consider it to be one of her strengths.

She began insisting that she, too, had a headache.  I tried reminding her that it was her foot that hurt, not her head, but she was quite adamant.  Her solution?  A band-aid.


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