Hey, Guess What!


About four months ago we received Sesame Street’s Learning About Letters in the mail through SwapaDVD.  We had gotten the movie a couple of times from the library, and since my daughter loved it so much (especially the Cookie Monster song), I decided to go ahead and get it for her.

When the DVD arrived in the mail, it was a really big deal.  I showed her the package and, mustering up all the suspense I could to entice her eager curiosity, slowly opened it: “Guess what…… ”  She watched with rapt attention as I pulled out the movie, “….we got the Cookie Monster movie!!!  The mailman just brought it.  Now we don’t have to get it from the library anymore!”

This apparently made a huge impact on her.  Months later…

Daddy: “Hey, guess what.”


“I love you.”

“Hey guess what.  Say ‘what’ “


“We have the Cookie Monster!  We got it in the mail.  The mailman gave it to us.”

… … …

…but I’m sure she does love Daddy, too.


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  1. Hi Leann,
    Elise is going to want to know the name of that mailman! What a nice man he is!

    On the subject of movies, Mom & I just recently watched two movies in succession whose leading character’s name in the films were Elise! What are the odds?


    • Haha, yes he is! Gives us something almost every day 🙂

      That is quite a coincidence about the movies — it’s a great name!

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