Daddy’s Girl


Every Wednesday night, our 9-month-old enjoys playing in the nursery while Daddy leads singing for the weekly prayer meeting crowd.

Now, our church nursery has speakers that link to the auditorium, so all the faithful workers can still hear the sermon.  However, that also means that all those workers and babies are getting a solo performance by whoever leads music, as the mics don’t pick up the rest of the congregation.

So last night, when Daddy’s voice came singing out loud and clear over the speaker, his baby girl sitting on the nursery floor stopped what she was doing.  She looked up with a huge smile and started bouncing along, saying, “Da-da…da-da!”  She loves her daddy!

(Thanks, Linda, for sharing this with us…and for watching our little kiddo!)


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  1. Cute!! We had to turn the speaker off a few weeks ago when one of our nursery patrons heard her daddy doing an exceptionally lengthy Scripture reading! The little girl cried, stopped to see if he was still talking, looked at the door confused, and then cried some more!

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