Children’s Book Review #4


As simple and basic as it is, I would be remiss to exclude this book from my list of great kid reads.  The reason is simple: my daughters just LOVE it…even my preschooler, who technically should have “outgrown” it by now.  
Word to the wise: ignore the stated age recommendation; it’s great before six months and after twelve.

My 9-month-old, who has a hard time sitting through most books, always quiets down and listens attentively with a mesmerized smile.  Its straightforward text and bright, bold pictures appeal particularly to her baby senses.  And everything that Baby Elmo does, she can do too! (mostly)  At her age, she can’t really say that about a lot of books.
Well, actually she can’t say much of anything just yet, but that’s beside the point.

As for my preschooler’s interest in the book, it was one of her beloved favorites as a baby.  Two-year-old nostalgia, perhaps?
Or it could have something to do with her developing “jealousy” complex that compels her to have an intense interest in anything her sister is doing or seeing or playing with.
Or maybe she just loves it because it’s delightfully charming.

I have to confess, I kind of enjoy it as well.

Oh, and did I mention it ends with a pop-up?  You can’t go wrong with a pop-up!


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