Somebody Else


In most households, I imagine, “somebody else” is a singular indefinite pronoun.  But in ours, it’s a person.

We first “met” Somebody Else when he (or she?) called my daughter on her cell phone (an old inactive one, silly…come on, she’s only two!).  Or maybe she was calling him (er, her?).

Me: “Who are you talking to?”

“Somebody Else.”

“Oh, can I talk to him?”


“Oh.  Well, tell Somebody Else I said hi.”


Somebody Else has a very active part in our lives.  Somebody Else talks on the phone a lot.  Somebody Else goes to the library (and sometimes rips pages…tsk tsk tsk).  Somebody Else puts lots of things in lots of places.  Somebody Else makes a lot of stuff.  Somebody Else owns a lot of stuff.  In fact, Somebody Else owns the tipped-over tables and chairs in the yard that we passed on our walk today, that my daughter so badly wanted to set aright.  Somebody Else is everywhere!

It must be difficult for my daughter to comprehend how Somebody Else can be in so many places.  But then, life is just confusing sometimes.

I’m sure Somebody Else would agree.


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