My 6-Week Menu


A little while back, I came up with (what has the potential to be) a really great menu system.  I just rarely follow it.  So I guess that begs the question, “Is it really great?”

Well, in all honesty, it works like a dream if I take the time to fill in the blanks and do all my shopping up-front at the beginning of the month.  Living with one car, two cart-riding companions, and a budget that relies on price-shopping, that’s a pretty big “if.”  When I get to a certain day only to realize that the “if” didn’t happen, the system tends to fall apart around me.

Wow, I bet I’ve really sold you on this one, huh?

But if you’re still interested, I’d like to share my 6-week menu.  Here’s how it works:
Every weekday lists three things: a snack, a basic lunch plan, and a dinner (plus where to find the recipe).  The weekends only list dinner plans, because…I ran out of lunch ideas.  Weekends are unpredictable, anyways.
And each week has at least one blank day, so I can try new stuff.
Basically, it’s a carefully organized compilation of recipes that provides for weekly variety of style and content, while also leaving room to try new recipes.

They say you lose brain cells from having kids; I believe it!  Besides that, mommying is just plain overwhelming some days.  So, having a piece of paper on the fridge that thinks for me is a good thing.


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