‘”Mommy, please change me.”

luier, diaper


My oldest daughter never really seemed to mind having a messy diaper.  Her younger sister, on the other hand, finds it quite unsettling.

I returned to the house from my morning run feeling tired and stiff.  As I settled on the floor to do some stretching, I caught a whiff of yuckiness coming from my nine-month-old’s general direction.  Ah well, I figured, she can wait a couple of minutes.

Apparently not.

She clambered over my outstretched leg and returned moments later, clutching a clean diaper in her little fist.  Crawling rather clumsily on account of her awkward cargo, the tenacious little thing made her way back over my leg and plopped down right in front of me.  She then proceeded to play nonchalantly with the diaper in the middle of my stretching zone, making it impossible for me to continue.

She may not be able to speak yet, but she sure knows how to deliver a message!


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