Our Enemy, the Big Bad Wolf


When you’re teaching a new concept, the trick is to find a good analogy; you take something unfamiliar and explain it with the familiar.  For example:

After reading a Bible story tonight that mentioned Satan, my husband asked our two-year-old: “Do you know what an ‘enemy’ is?”

Blank look.

Then I, with my vast understanding in the use of analogies to teach new ideas (amounting to about one or two class periods in college a few years ago), eagerly interjected,“Hey, do you remember the Big Bad Wolf in the movie??  Remember how you didn’t like him?  He was very bad, and mean to the three little pigs.  He was their enemy.”

She lit up at my reference to the Sesame Street video we had watched earlier this morning.  Feeling rather pleased with myself, I started to give myself a mental pat on the back.  Until…

My husband continued, “That’s right.  Well, who is God’s enemy?”

Without missing a beat, she answered, “The Big Bad Wolf.”


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  1. Leann, I discovered your blog yesterday. Since then….oh my, I have been cracking up and enjoying it, oh, so much! Thanks so much for sharing. I love how you write. It’s just great, and I wanted to let you know.
    Sarah Mular 🙂

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