The Best Free Childcare Around


Nana flew in last night from the quintessential Nana Land: Florida.  Being the entirely responsible, scheduled parents that we are, my husband and I allowed our daughters to greet her for her midnight arrival.  Don’t worry, though; other than a little extra silliness today, they handled it quite well.

She arrived well-prepared to hug, kiss, read, sing, bathe, tickle, and generally entertain two little girls, one of whom she was meeting for the first time.  It was great!

We also get to enjoy visits from Grandma from across the state on a fairly regular basis.  She always arrives fully stocked with goodies and fun things to do.  And after every visit with her, I’m fairly certain my two-year-old’s vocabulary spikes up.

So what do I do while these free, live-in childcare providers entertain my girls?  I wash dishes undisturbed.  I teach piano undisturbed.  I run errands…alone!  I date my husband.

So in short, if you’re mom looking for laid-back days that results in happy, nurtured children, grown-up conversation, AND a clean house, take my advice.  Adopt a live-in Nana for a while.  Or a Grandma.  Mimis, Grammies, and Mum-Mums may also work, but Grandmas and Nanas are best.


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