It’s amazing we have any clothes to wear at all!


Well, you’d think that, considering the previous post, I’d have caught up by now on Mt. Everwash/Neverrest down in my basement.  But you would be wrong.  Somehow this elusive chore seems to grow into an increasingly formidable foe, looming over me as if to say (in a booming, menacing voice, of course), “HA! HA! HA!…YOU PUNY LITTLE HOUSEWIFE PERSON…YOU THINK YOU CAN CONQUER ME, BUT I DECLARE THAT YOU SHALL NOT!!  I WILL NEVER BE DEFEATED!  NEVER!!!

*shudder*  I can still hear the maniacal laughter echoing in my mind.

No, I may be wallowing in food-splattered onesies, sweaty workout clothes, crumpled pants, wrinkled (albeit clean) shirts, and unmatched socks, but I will never give up.  One of these days, I shall prevail!

One of these days, I will walk down to the basement and see empty dirty-clothes baskets instead of overflowing.

One of these days, my husband will walk into our room without having to wrestle the mountain of unfolded clothes from the bed and back into laundry basket whence they came, before I dumped them there and walked off to get myself distracted.

One of these days, I will learn to love ironing.

doubt it.

BUT, one of these days, I shall overcome this obstacle, scale the heights, and slay the ugly monster in my house that is laundry; and on that day, the world (i.e. my husband and kids, and maybe my mom) will look on and say, “There stands a noble woman: valiant in the fight, and steadfast toward the victory.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hey, I can dream.


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