During a routine shopping trip at Meijer, I heard the dreaded words:
I have to go potty.”
*sigh*  “Can you hold it?”
“No, I have to go now.”

So I pushed our cart over the store entrance, parked near the doors, let my two-year-old down, grabbed the diaper bag with all our belongings, hoisted the baby carrier (this was a few months back), and led our little ensemble to the restrooms.

Upon entering the facility, I noticed the urinals and thought, “Huh, that’s strange…” but didn’t really think much beyond that.  When your toddler’s gotta go, she’s gotta go!  I glanced down to notice feet occupying the first stall.  That was fine, our party would need a larger one anyways.  I told my daughter, “Ok honey, let’s go to that big stall at the end.”

As we made our way over, I paused for a moment.  Were those work boots in that first stall?  And pretty big, too.  Why would a woman wear such manly shoes?

Then it dawned on me.  No, women’s bathrooms weren’t supposed to have urinals.  And those were manly shoes.  As in, shoes on the feet of an actual man, whose bewilderment upon hearing the sound of a woman and little girl right outside his stall must have shocked him right down to the soles of those yellow leather boots.

I turned on my heels and pulled my daughter behind me in a hasty exit, only to practically run headlong into another man walking in.  Ducking my head to avoid any eye contact, I muttered a quick “excuse us,” and hurried out the door.

Word to the Wise:  Apparently, Meijer bathroom layouts are not standardized, and one should not assume that the Ladies’ Room will always be on the same side at every location.  Look for the skirt, ladies…always look for the skirt.


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