And I thought my life was busy…


Part of Nana’s visit here has been a day at Greenfield Village (courtesy of a wonderfully kind and generous friend).

As we meandered from old-fashioned home to old-fashioned home, I was struck with the realization of how hard those people had to work!  It really hit home when I walked into a “kitchen” that, without any sink or countertops or cupboards or fridge, hardly resembled a kitchen at all.  Granted, servants were more common, but I doubt we would have been the type of family to afford a servant anyhow.  Those women really knew what it meant to work!

And then, consider all the distractions that we have today, like TV, movies, internet (ahem…facebook), and all the other little gadgets and gizmos available out there in the techie world.  It makes you wonder…if we took those things out, would we get more done?

I suspect that, even though I have all sorts of time- and labor-saving devices around my home, I don’t accomplish half as much as the women who lived 100+ years ago.  I wish that weren’t so.

So despite my known propensity to make empty resolutions that rarely see a fulfillment, I insist on resolving to make this week more productive, to attempt to live up to the legacy of housewives who have gone before.  Rising with the sun, working through the day, and (maybe) setting with the sun as well, I’d like to get the most out of every day.  With the exception of the blog to keep you posted on how it’s going, I’m going to try to avoid any unnecessary modern distractions…we’ll see how it goes.

“A person can do nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in their own toil. This too, I see, is from the hand of God,  for without him, who can eat or find enjoyment?”
Ecclesiastes 2:24-25


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    • Well, let’s see. The week had ups and downs, as far as sticking to my goal. However, I have noticed a certain trend; the days with less internet usage and movie watching are more enjoyable. I think the day after I wrote the post had a really bad start — I tried to work on the computer while letting the kids watch a movie…tension began to rise, with a wave of irritability. But we turned things off and things eventually smoothed out. The next day was even better, with very little time-wasting devices and lots more fun.
      So I’ve come to a basic conclusion. The less “entertainment” we have in our day, the more we enjoy it. Go figure…

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