Friday Photos: Cookie Bowls


cookie bowls 1 cookie bowls 2 cookie bowls 3

Whoever thought these up was one smart cookie (ha!).  This idea brought to you thanks to

Let me warn you, though, there are a few things to remember when making cookie bowls.

  1. Even on a “nonstick” muffin tin, the cookies can still stick — at least, they did for me.  Use cooking spray or, better yet, paper liners (or in this case, covers).  Attempt #1 was a disaster save for the fact that we still ended up with cookies in the end.
  2. Don’t use too much dough.  Again, speaking from experience here.  Lest you want cookie dough flowing like lava all over the muffin tin, moderate the amount.
  3. You have to shape the dough around the cup, not just set it on top.  I learned this from failed attempt #2 when I ended up with “chaise lounges” instead of nice symmetrical bowls.  When left on its own, cookie dough will go wherever it pleases.
  4. Apparently, the colder your butter, the less likely the cookies are to spread.  I just used dough I had refrigerated.

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