Jonah is Everywhere!


Family Bible Time is a special part of our evening routine.  It’s a time we set aside to read a Bible story to our girls, ask some questions (beginner catechism, if you will), sing some songs, and pray.

Earlier this week we covered the story of Jonah.  Since we’re using a Bible designed for toddlers and preschoolers, each story is broken up into multiple smaller segments…so Jonah took us a few days.  Now we’re into the birth of Jesus.  However, our time in the story of Jonah evidently made a huge impact on our two-year-old!  For example:

“Look, Mary had a baby.  What was his name?”
“Nope, it was Jesus.”
(…unless she was alluding to Matthew 12:38-41, but that’s stretching it; and something tells me that’s not what she was thinking of)

Then again tonight:

“Do you  know what a shepherd its?  A shepherd is a person who takes care of…”
“Hmm, not exactly, a shepherd takes care of sheep.”
(…unless she was referring to Jonah’s great need for extra guidance after he foolishly chose to run from God; but again, I don’t think that’s what she had in mind)


“What was Jesus’ mommy’s name?  Do you remember?”
“Uh…no honey, it was Mary.”
(…unless she was thinking of…nope, sorry, got nothin’)


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