Drop it Like a Penguin!


Lately my daughter has taken to collecting odd bits of leaves and sticks and such when we go on neighborhood walks.  I’m often able to persuade her to deposit these treasures for “safe-keeping” in the bottom part of the stroller (i.e. to be thrown away later).  However, a handful or two of nature will inevitably find its way into our house.

A couple of days ago, my husband arrived home from work to find a mess of twigs on the dining room table.  He asked our daughter if it’d be okay to put them back outside.  She said it would.  So he did.  However, apparently concerned about their exact placement and condition, she interrogated her daddy when he came back in:

“Where did you put them?”
“I put them by the trash can.”
“Did you put them IN the trash can?”
“No, I put them in front of the trash can.”
“Did you throw them?”
“No, I dropped them.”
“Oh! You dropped them. Like a penguin?”
“…Yes, just like a penguin.”

Our new household phrase?  “Drop it like a penguin!”  Sometimes I’d just love to get inside that little two-year-old head of hers!


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