In Honor of My Half-Marathoner


Somehow the camera knew just what to focus on

Today I joined the droves of strollers and “casual” (aka less-athletic) pedestrians in cheering on thousands of Marathon (26.2 miles) and Half-Marathon (13.1 miles) runners …but honestly, the only one I really cared about was my husband.  This is a photo of him sometime after the 8-mile mark.  I just can’t get over how cheerful he looked!  He did a great job and met his goal of finishing under 2 hours.  His time?  1:59:59   🙂

I’m so proud of this man who, last July, was just starting his Couch To 5K plan.  He’s my running inspiration!  It was totally worth getting up before the crack of dawn and pushing two little kids around in a stubborn stroller through drizzly weather and crowded streets to see him achieve such a huge accomplishment.  I just hope next time I can be running alongside him instead of watching from the sidelines.


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  2. We did indeed run the same race … I recognize the statue in the background of this post-tunnel shot 🙂 Small world, huh? Well, you can let him know – he made the right choice. In this particular race, all the fun stuff was in the first half 🙂

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