Children’s Book Review #9


We read through (literally) dozens of children’s book weekly, and I’ve learned that my favorites are those with catchy rhyming texts.  This one rose to the top of the list instantly.  Some rhymes take a little practice before they can roll right off the tongue — not this book!  Each word bounces nimbly off the tongue, does a little twirly-dive, and tickles its way right into the ears.

My daughter’s favorite line, which I often hear her murmuring to herself at the table or while she’s playing, is

Mouse squeaks, “Don’t fret,
Don’t fuss.  Look, see?
We can pop more corn,
We can brew more tea.

Only, it’s  usually something more like,

Don’t fret, don’t fuss,
Mouse squeaks, “Look, see?

We will pop more corn,
we will brew some more tea.”

It’s so cute to watch her practice it repeatedly to herself…and amazing at how much she remembers!

Chock full of vivid illustrations, lovable characters, a creatively descriptive text, effective word pictures, onomatopoeia, and a really catchy beat, this book will not disappoint!


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