Signing Sense


Imagine that you really want something from someone, but you don’t speak his language.  In fact, you don’t speak any language at all.  Like, if the other person were Russian and you were Spanish, at least you could say, “Dame esa cosa ahorita, por favor. ¡Lo necesito! No eso, el otro…a la izquierda…¡Dámelo por favor!!”  The Russian may have no clue what you’re shouting, but at least you would have the satisfaction of trying something intelligible.

But alas, my ten-month-old daughter has no refined language to fall back on, and therefore resorts to a horrid array of grunts, yells, growls, and screams.  The end result?  A frustrated baby and a frazzled Mommy.

And so it is that I most eagerly and thoroughly support Baby Sign Language.  So far, my daughter’s only really learned “Please” …But at least she’s saying “Please” (even if it is with a growl).
Her older sister excelled in signing, and it was so great to be able to communicate so early on!  You can see a sampling of what she could do around 14-15 months here.  I look forward to seeing just as much success the second time around.

I even heard once somewhere that babies who sign have greatly increased vocabularies once they do start speaking.  But don’t quote me on that.  You’d essentially be saying, “I heard from someone who heard from someone who read somewhere that …”  And this is the internet, after all.  But hey, it could be true!  If anyone feels like doing some research, by all means let me know via comment what you find out!


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