A Rough Day


One of the most sickening sounds to a mother’s ears is that of her child’s head meeting concrete.

This afternoon, while tending to the baby, I heard my daughter and her friend happily make their way down to the basement to play.  Then I heard something fall and hit the cement floor.  This was followed by intense crying…the kind that tells you something is very, very wrong.  I couldn’t have run faster down to that basement.
Unfortunately, the “something” that fell was my two-year-old daughter.  I found her on her back, crying so hard it made me feel nauseous.  She had fallen from the open staircase, about five or six steps up, and (apparently) landed on the back of her head.

I scooped her up and carried her back to the living room, wanting to cry right along with her.  Being the hypochondriatic mother that I am, my mind kept running through all the worst-case scenarios…concussion, skull fracture, internal swelling and/or bleeding, etc.

Thankfully, a call to the doctor’s office reassured me that she would probably be fine, but informed me of what abnormalities to watch for over the next 48 hours.

I found myself struggling to reconcile two ideals I have of motherhood.  On the one hand, I wanted to be the carefree, confident, “Ahh, she’ll be fine” kind of mother who raises tough kids and doesn’t bother going to the doctor except in life-or-death situations.  But on the other hand, I wanted to be that sweet, gentle source of warmth and compassion who tenderly comforts her children so that they feel safe and happy in her arms.  We’ll just say I found the happy medium…though i think I leaned more towards the gentle (and admittedly worrisome) side.

My daughter cried and whimpered a lot; Daddy came home and helped her calm down to sleep some, and then she woke up to cry and whimper some more.  Eventually, though, after watching The Sound of Music and having a little snack (and a dose of Tylenol), her spirits lifted and she came back around to her cheerful old self again.  She’s got a huge goose-egg on the back of her head, but she seems fine.
(And what’s more, Daddy brought home a bag of “eninems!”)

i thank and praise my Heavenly Father for watching over my sweet little girl today.


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