A Lousey Battle


It bit, but I bit back harder (figuratively speaking).  It held on, but I held out longer. And in the end, oddly enough, the very thing that’s given rise to countless past failures was the very thing that facilitated a sweeping victory.

The foe?  Lice.  The victor?  Meticulous thoroughness.

One of my glaring downfalls — one that leads to tardiness, incomplete tasks, and a general predisposition to procrastination and dawdling — proved to have a positive side this past weekend when I learned the true definition of nitpicking.

If you’ve never dealt with lice, consider yourself blessed (and pray that you never have to).  In essence, it’s a three-step process:  1. Get rid of the lice (pretty easy).  2. Get rid of the nits/eggs (painstaking).  3. Clean everything in sight (exhausting).

After a cocktail of remedies, followed by a weekend spent combing through my daughter’s hair with a fine-toothed comb, inch by inch, repeatedly over the course of about 60 hours, I was thrilled (to say the least) to declare her lice- and nit-free early today, after this whole ordeal began on Friday.
For the record, two-year-olds don’t like to be cooped up in a house having their head examined at awkward angles while being told for the umpteenth time to hold still…go figure.

Now, as I sit here surrounded by pile of clothes that brings new meaning to the term “Mountain of laundry,” I breathe a weary sigh of relief that, as far as I can tell, it’s finally over.  We won.


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