Children’s Book Review #12


Let me explain why I like the Fancy Nancy series so much.  Each book displays a happy, healthy home where two little girls are raised by loving and understanding parents — who, believe it or not, are not portrayed as utter imbeciles; they humor her silly little whims of making everything around her “fancy,” they sit with her and listen when she’s upset, they comfort her after bad experiences, they give advice…and they don’t always give her what she wants.

Nancy’s got a lot of personality.  She’s actually a pretty highly developed character (okay, so she’s no Elizabeth Bennett, but then, consider the reading level).  She’s a total girl’s girl who loves dressing up, butterflies, tea parties, and anything French.  I’m a huge fan of the femininity promoted in these books.

Also, Nancy likes to use big, fancy words, so these books are a great for enhancing vocabulary (that’s a fancy way of saying that they teach new words).  😉

I’m not necessarily a “Fancy Nancy” myself, nor is my two-year-old daughter (though she does love tea parties and accessories), but we love these books!  In fact, my daughter dressed up as Fancy Nancy for Halloween this year, and it was adorable.

So why this particular book?  Because it’s the talk of the house!  Literally.  My daughter keeps reminding me that we don’t have it anymore because we had to take it back to the library (“Yes, honey, I remember…”).  Anyways, she insisted on this particular one for today’s blog post.  But really, I could recommend any of them; they’re “exquisite!”


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