What’s your kid like?


My husband and I enjoy musing about our daughters.  You know, wondering what they’re gonna be like when they grow up.  Of course, they already have plenty of personality to keep us intrigued for now.

My older daughter, the two-year-old, is a sweet-tempered little girl who knows what she likes and likes what she knows.  She’s exceedingly empathetic and compassionate.  Maybe it’s because she’s so sensitive to boo-boo’s and sad things herself, so she gives to others as she would like to receive.  And though she plays coy around less familiar people, she’s actually pretty talkative at home.  Even crazy and silly.  And she has a killer memory, especially with books and stories.  Of course, she certainly isn’t perfect.  She’s got a stubborn streak in her that could put a mule to shame, but we’re working on that.
There’s also the issue of stability…as in, sometimes we wonder if she isn’t the most stable person in our house.  As evidenced in the previous post, when Mommy and Daddy are “grumpy” or “frustrated,” she approaches us with words of wisdom beyond her years.  Her toys are all well-cared for, and she always has a song in her heart.  Her all-time favorite movie?  “The Sound of Music.”

Then we have her sister.  The 11-month-old who greets the world with mouth wide open and tongue out as far as it will go…who wears her heart on her sleeve and embraces life with a passionate intensity.  Ever the explorer, she toddles around putting everything in her mouth.  EVERYTHING.  It’s a good thing we have such a mild-mannered dog; a few days ago, I turned around to find them both eating out of his bowl.  *sigh*
Boo-boos are often no big deal, she’s one tough cookie! …unless she’s hungry or tired, and then it’s meltdown city.
Come dinnertime, if she sees something she wants, she’ll open her mouth wide in eager anticipation and start squawking: “Ah!  Aahhhh!  AAAHHHHH!!!!”  This happens frequently, as she would always rather try whatever new thing we have, as opposed to her jarred baby food.  Yes, it will be very interesting to see what this one’s like when she starts talking.  🙂

Children are indeed a joy.  What a gift to be able to see them blossom right before our very eyes!  If you have kids, take a moment to reflect on the things that make them them, and celebrate the wonderfully unique people that they are.


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