Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?


The following is an example of a typical conversation between me and my daughter.  She’s entering that inquisitive age that every preschooler enjoys.  Not wanting to waste this golden opportunity when her mind is such a sponge, I humor her as best I can.

Tonight I had to make a quick note on a recipe card (notice I said quick), so I grabbed a nearby pen and started writing.  Meanwhile, my two-year-old watched with rapt attention.

“Is that your pen?”

She knew it was blue.  She knew I knew it was blue.  But I guess she didn’t know that I knew that she knew it was blue, so she asked,

“Is that your BLUE pen?”
“Yes it is.”
“Where did you get it from?”
“I got it out of the pen holder right there.”
“Oh, you got it out of the pen holder?”
“Who gave it to you?”

Fighting the urge to simply brush off this interrogation about a stupid pen, I stammered a bit before answering,

“Uh, er….(No one gave it to me, it’s just a pen from the pen cup)…um, I’m not sur– oh, it says ‘Emmanuel Baptist Church’ here, so I guess that’s where I got it.”
“Oh!  Baptist Church?  What is ‘Baptist Church’ from?”

(Seriously, can’t a woman just use a pen?)  I decided not to get into a discussion in Baptist history; we’ll leave that up to her daddy.  Instead, I reminded her about our friends’ church that we had visited a few weeks ago.

She lit up at this happy memory,

“We went to the campfire and that was a ‘Baptist Church.’  The campfire had a church where Daddy preached.  Did you remember??”
“Yep, I remember!”

That’s about as far as we got tonight.  She’s usually able to keep it going for much longer.  I just have to keep reminding myself that these seemingly inconsequential exchanges are actually priceless learning opportunities in disguise.


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  1. We’ll see you tonight! We’re trying to get there before bedtime, granddaughter. Grandpa has to work before we can drive to your house.

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