Children’s Book Review #13


This charmingly simple tale of a curious frog and his near-death experience is sure to delight any child.  Why?  Because it’s a pop-up!  Believe me, every kid loves a good pop-up.

Besides that, vibrant colors entertain small eyes while a consistent text satisfies the young child’s need for predictability (huh?).  Let me put it this way: Children like repetition.  It gives them a sense of security, I guess.  So even when they suddenly find themselves nose-to-nose with a big, green, alligator, they can handle it.

Oh, and it’s a great way to teach about the eating habits of frogs, birds, mice, and alligators.  Just beware little hands eager to test their grip on whiskers and noses.  An evil predator’s just not gonna be as threatening without his flaring nostrils.


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