The Gospel for Kids: COLORS


The Gospel is not hard to understand, but I’m afraid we often fall back on abstract phrases that can be vague and confusing, especially for a young and literal-minded child.  So my particular aim with this presentation has been to use the simplest, most concrete wording I can think of while still being accurate.  It’s really been a challenge to my own understanding of what exactly the Bible teaches about salvation  And while it may not contain every single detail, at least it’s a start.

The Gospel: in Colors

White is for a God who’s clean—
He’s good and right in everything.
God is holy, pure, and bright,
filled with knowledge, power, and might.

Black is for your heart that’s dirty;
full of sin, it’s bad and naughty.
Sin is when we disobey
and God must keep us far away.

Red is for God’s bleeding Son
who died on the cross and rose again.
He never sinned, but took the blame
to make us clean by faith in His Name.

Green is for the life that grows;
trusting in Jesus, a change soon shows.
Instead of choosing to make God sad,
it wants to do what makes Him glad.

Gold is for the streets of Heaven,
the promised home God’s friends are given.
It’s a beautiful place where Jesus will be,
and we can praise Him for eternity.


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  2. Hi Amber, I’ve been enjoying your blog post, although I’ve gotten behind…since I just read this one from November. Anyways, I love your poem and idea for a simple explanation for our kids of the gospel. Have you though about putting it to music? I think it would be a great thing to teach young kids and point to your wordless book as you sing. 🙂 God bless you and your sweet family.

    • Thanks, Marcia! I have thought about putting it to music — In fact, Peter and I have tossed around the idea of simplifying theological doctrines into kid-friendly songs, maybe even putting together a book, but that would be a big project, so I’m not sure when it would ever come to fruition.
      But as of yet, I haven’t put together a melody to this one.
      Great to hear from you, thanks for reading!

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