Daddy-Daughter Breakfast Date


All set to go on their date!

Today was a very special day for my two-year-old.  She’s been talking about it all week.  It was the first thing out of her mouth as soon as her head popped off the pillow.  What had her all giddy and excited?  A date with Daddy!  Not only that, but a breakfast date, where they got to go to a restaurant and eat WAFFLES and pancakes…not Mommy, not her baby sister, just her and Daddy.

Before going, she did express to me a concern that the restaurant might not have syrup.  She had just decided to take some with her (you know, just in case) when, on second thought, she changed her mind.  After all, she might lose it.  🙂

Oddly enough, the waffles she’s been SOOO excited about apparently went untouched, but I understand the pancakes, honeydew melon, and saltine crackers were superb.


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