Has your heart smiled today?


Tonight I walked into the living room to find my husband rolling around on the floor with our two daughters, tickling them senseless while they giggled uncontrollably.

I love them.  It’s moments like those that make my heart smile.

So…go make someone’s heart smile today  🙂
(and share about it in the comments below!)


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  1. I was in church today, and a neighbor down the street asked me if my wife and I would watch their daughter while they went to the tots section. This daughter ALWAYS is held by her daddy during song times, and when i invited her to stand on the pew next to me, while she sang, i noticed she looked distraught. I told her to climb up on my back, and I hunched down, and she wrapped her arms around my neck and stood on my hands (I made little platforms for her to brace herself on) and she started to sing right into my hearing aids! It was at this moment, that when she wrapped really tight around me, that I realized I really do want kids, and it made my heart smile.

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