Boo-Boos and Butterflies


I was a little girl, running around in the sprinklers with some neighbor kids, loving the summer heat in my bright little bathing suit and stringy wet hair, till my day took a “catastrophic” turn on a metal swingset slide.  Rushing home in tears, I burst into the house to show my dad my sliced knee.  I remember him taking me to the bathroom and holding me while he doctored up the cut.  His bandage of choice?  The butterfly.

If you’ve never been a little 5-year-old girl, you may not catch the magic in that…but at that moment, my despair gave way to the wonder that there’s actually such a thing as a butterfly bandaid!  And today, when I see the faint scar on my knee, I don’t remember the pain or the tears, I remember my dad being there to take care of his little girl.

So to the dad who treated boo-boos with butterflies, happy Father’s Day!  I love you!


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